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Kimono Exhibition - KIMONO姫会 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Kimono Exhibition [Jan. 9th, 2008|09:18 pm]


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Sunday I went to Llangollen in Wales for a Kimono Exhibition. I met up with two Immortal Geisha members, one of which was hosting the exhibition. Fantastic! If you're in the area, I advise you to take a look. Unfortunately, it's only open during the weekdays until the 25 January. It was open this last Sunday because the hall was also hosting an antiques fair. The three of us dressed in kimono. It was nice to have us dressed in everyday wear as the exhibition contained mostly formal kimono. I brought one of the "famous" ship hikizuri in existence to compare with Susan's kimono. It was quite surprising on just how many differences these "identical" kimono had.

I was unlucky in the fact that a very nasty cold decided to rear it's ugly head and I've been sick since Sunday. Many others in the office where I'm working are suffering the same illness. It's really going around the UK right now. :(

Anyways here are some lovely kimono to feast your eyes on...

The ship hikizuri side by side.